Loan agreement approved for Mill Avenue

Loan agreement approved for Mill Avenue



Shane Butterfield

Contributing Writer



At the Elgin City Council’s Sept. 4 meeting, a public hearing was held on the City’s proposed entry into a Street Improvement Loan Agreement with Fayette County to fund the cost of the Mill Avenue paving project. 

After receiving public comment on the proposal, the council unanimously passed Resolution No. 2017-05, which authorized and approved both the acceptance of the loan agreement and the levying of additional property taxes to help pay for the venture.

Final review of the contract from Mathy Construction Company, which will be completing the paving portion of the project, and the formal acceptance of Resolution No. 2017-05 are both expected at the council’s next meeting.

Those present at the public hearing included Tim Butikofer, who echoed the sentiments of others in attendance by emphasizing the urgency to act on the current improvement opportunity.

“I look at this street project not as an expense,” he stated, “I look at it as an investment, and I think it is an investment that we need to make.” 

In his comments, Butikofer also addressed the rise in property taxes that would accompany the Mill Avenue restoration, a one-time increase equivalent to approximately $1.24 on every $1,000 of assessed value, which would remain in place for no more than five years. 

“Yes, it is a little extra money,” Butikofer conceded, “but I really think the time is right, and if it’s not now, when? We’re not going to get a better deal.” 

During the hearing, the status of the project-related work not included in Mathy’s estimate was also discussed. 

Most loudly voiced were concerns about ensuring proper road/pavement drainage and existing pipe and culvert maintenance. The completion of these tasks, which the City will open to bidding among several contractors they identify, will likely include the relocation of some residential mailboxes, the paving of the current gravel parking lot on the south side of the fire station, and the construction of a 160-ft.-long concrete curb along one portion of Mill Avenue south of Main Street.

In other action, Mayor Bill Pfister revealed that he will complete the performance evaluation of City employees, though only after soliciting councilmembers’ comments on the employees under review. 

Meanwhile, Councilman Jim Knobloch provided an update on the status of the Schori Park renovation, which remains in progress; an official ribbon-cutting ceremony publicly opening the grounds is expected later in September. 

The next meeting of the Elgin City Council is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 18, at the Elgin Public Library.


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